Blessed Mary Mother of Dominic Fraternity of Cedaredge
Dominican Central Province

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We belong to the Central Province of St. Albert the Great-USA

We are dedicated to:

Our Blessed Mother Mary

St. Dominic's four pillars of Dominican life:
Prayer Study Community Mission

Veritas | Truth
Laudare, Benedicere Praedicare | To Praise, To Bless, To Preach
Contemplare et Contemplata Aliis Tradere | To Contemplate, and To Share the Fruits of Contemplation

We meet twice a month. At our meetings we pray The Liturgy of the Hours,
we study the Dominican way of life and thought,
we study books of interest,
we reflect on what we study and read;
and we enjoy each other's company.
Letters from Monique - Pray for her Clinic

If you are interested in becoming a Lay Dominican
or are just curious as to what we are doing, you are more than welcome
to come to one of our meetings and ask questions.
Our Schedule, Place and Time   

President: Mrs. Denise OP          Vice President: Ms.Renee Valenzuela OP          
Treasurer: Mrs. Marilyn Pipkin OP           Secretary/ Archivist: Ms. C. A. Riley OP
Formation Director: Ms.Renee Valenzuela OP           Grand Junction - Contact: Mrs. Helen Hawkins OP
Web Site: Mrs. Helen Hawkins OP