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Monique is a woman who lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Patricia is the daughter of Marilyn Pipkin OP, one of our members in our Chapter
Patricia was a missionary in the DRC for awhile and worked with Monique.
She is our translator and relays messages between Monique and Marilyn thru e-mail.

Monique runs a small clinic to help children and women.
"Blessed Mary Mother of Dominic Chapter of Cedaredge" supports her in as many ways as we can.
Although our chapter sends her some money from time to time it is very dangerous for her to make the journey
to the town where she can bank and receive funds and supplies.
When she can, she sends e-mails to Patricia and Patricia sends the translation from French into English to us.

Celebration of a new parish
August 12, 2021 Letter from Monique             Celebration   Video

Ester Tells a Story
2021-05-20 - Letter from Monique             Sign Language - Ester   Video

Fwd: Gloire 'à Dieu--Song and thanks from Monique
May 5, 2021 Letter From Monique - Gloria             Gloire ' a Dieu   Video

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